“Nigeria Does Not Begin In Lagos And Ends In Abuja. The president Is Going Nowhere” – El-Rufai Son

It is disheartening to know that some youths are opposing the motion for an ending police brutalities and a better Nigeria, especially those thugs hijacking protest across country because they are lucky to be born with “silver spoons.”

Some citizens have taken this whole struggle to be politically, religiously, or a regional motivated to make the president resign. But the motives are clear, this whole protest is about the change that the youths have always been promised.

This is not protest is not about a politician, tribe, religion, or region. This whole movement is a reflection of the excess rot in our nation. Poor masses cannot continue to live with the hope that things will soon get better when the leaders are capable of making things work soonest for a better Nigeria.

Citizens have been quiet for so long. Just because some citizens future has been arranged by their parents does not mean others who are not lucky are not feeling pains.

The son of the kaduna state governor has taken to his tweeter handle to tweet his opinion on the issue of some citizens asking the president to resign. According to him Nigeria does not begin in Lagos and ends in Abuja, that the president is going nowhere and nothing will happen.

I think he is exaggerating what the Protesters are demanding, they never asked for the resignation of the president, what they are demanding is for a better police and the whole nation.

Source: I.W

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