My face to face counter with evil spirit in my house in Owerri Imo States

I was off to work in the morning, I cleaned my house and set every house items in a good place, and to tell you, my house was looking in order and neat. My work always takes me the whole day, so I always come back home at night.

Because my shop is facing a major road in Owerri, where min-bus and Keke always pass, I saw one man that looks exactly like my late father at the back of a min-bus staring at me, immediately he was the man at the back of the bus looking at me. As one of Jehovah’s Witness I am, I started praying to Jehovah at once, I was saying “no, never, the death and the living have nothing in common, my Daddy is dead and can’t come back to torment me, I reject any demon coming inform of my daddy, the dead can’t work or see, my dad is dead, and can only be seen in Paradise”.

As I was saying this, the bus carrying the man that looks like my dad drove off and the man on the bus looked at me and smiled. The drama didn’t stop there, I hurriedly went back home out of fear, but on my way home, I saw the man again at Orji flyover in Imo state looking at me again, at this point, I knew something was wrong.

Note: a night before that day, around 12 pm-midnight, there was a hand pushing my door as if the hand wants to open it, but as my mother always tells me, never say a word or ask who is that when something strange is happening outside, at midnight. So I maintained my silent until the pushing stopped.

Now back to the man who looks like my father. Immediately I got home, I noticed that my house which was locked and cleaned have been used by an unknown person, my food eating to half, my bed messed up with. I didn’t believe what I was going.

I picked my phone and rank my mom, I told her what am experiencing right now, she laughed and said, what you are seen is not your father, your father died 13 years ago, what your saw is evil spirits trying to convince you that your dad is still alive. I have witnessed that many times. Always hope in Jehovah.

But her answer didn’t satisfy me, so I went outside and saw a word written with sand saying. “Go back to the village, on my grave, water is cycling there, and stop it”.

That same day, I travelled to our village, to my surprise 😮 my daddy’s grave is filled up with what. I have to put it in a good place, beg him and left.

Immediately I got home, my house arranged and cleaned. Always pray for your dead people…

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